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Jun 09

The Brux Stops Here; Not All Dental Appliances Are Created Equal

Posted by: JasonT

Do you clench or grind your teeth while you're sleeping? That was a trick question. How would you know what you do while you're asleep? Almost everyone clenches their teeth at night and many grind them too. The technical terminology for teeth grinding is "bruxism" and when it occurs during sleep, it is known as "nocturnal bruxism." Hundreds of studies have shown that nocturnal bruxism often leads to symptoms including worn and fractured teeth, head, neck, and face pain, migraines and headaches.

Oftentimes dental splints, commonly known as night guards are prescribed by dentists for bruxers. These nightguards are available in a variety of different designs and are fabricated using a number of different materials. They are usually prescribed by a dentist and created by a dental laboratory. However, over-the-counter (OTC) appliances can be purchased at drug stores but should be avoided at all cost. They are not custom fit for the user and can possibly increase TMJ pain. OTC night guards are typically not durable and very difficult to wear due to their excessive bulk. Regardless of the cheap price tag, if it doesn't relieve your symptoms, breaks easily, or can't be worn at all, it's not doing you any good at all!

Jun 04

Migraine Linked To Increased Risk Of Stroke

Posted by: JasonT

A recent review of information from 21 previous studies has shown that people experiencing migraine headaches are twice as likely as the rest of the population to suffer a stroke. While the relative percentage of this population is fairly low, the number in comparison to non-migraineurs is troublesome. The exact cause of the relationship between the two is not yet known but if you or someone you know is experiencing migraines, this development may be cause to see a medical health professional. Read More...

Jun 03

Dr. Gerald Miyamoto and Dr. Tiffany Phi Offer Headache Relief

Posted by: JasonT

Dr. Gerald Miyamoto and Dr. Tiffany Phi both graduated from the USC School of  Dentistry. In private practice now for 11 years, they have two offices, conveniently located in La Jolla and La Costa, CA. In this interview, Dr. Miyamoto details the benefits his patients have experienced as a result of The Headache Remedy.

How did you become familiar with the NTI-tss Plus as a headache preventative?


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