Feb 15

Diddy Suffers Too

Posted by: LaurynP

It's no secret that migraines can be brought on any where and at any time, and also, to anyone.  Occasionally we here of a celebrity that has suffered from a migraine and received treatment. this past weekend, after the Grammy Awards,  Sean "Diddy" Combs was hospitalized in the early hours of Monday morning with an extreme migraine according to TMZ.com.

Diddy had hosted a post-Grammy party at the Playboy mansion on Sunday night and then felt the full affects of the migraine. TMZ reported that his entourage became so concerned that they drove him to the University of California Los Angeles emergency room.

Feb 10

Dogs can Manage your Pain

Posted by: LaurynP

GoldenIf you have been considering getting a dog, add pain management to your list of reasons. According to a study in the journal of Pain Medicine, a therapy dog is a new addition to the pain management team.  According to Dr. Marcus who writes the well know migraine.com blog, “Therapy dogs have been trained to be quiet, calm, and soothing. Therapy dogs undergo extensive training and testing before they can be certified for therapy work. Typical therapy dogs' work involves the dog standing by or sitting with a patient and getting petted. It may not sound like this is much therapy, but studies have proven spending time with a therapy dog produces measureable reductions in stress levels and the body’s stress chemicals.”

Feb 02

Headache Impact Test

Posted by: LaurynP

More than 45 million Americans suffer from headaches that disrupt their daily routine. Therapeutic Solutions International has developed a Headache Impact Test and Score Sheet to discover the intensity of your headaches.  You can find this on their website, www.nti-tss.com or view it as the attached PDF here. Do you think your headaches disrupt your daily routines?


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