Jan 13

Headache Pain is Real

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We are all aware that there are millions of headache sufferers in the world, more than 45 million Americans alone.  Headaches disrupt the daily routines of people every day and they are recognized as a “legitimate neurobiological disease.”

Dr. Seymore Diamond, executive chairman of the National Headache Foundation and director and founder of the Diamond Headache Clinic said in a recent news8000.com article, “Headache pain is a real and legitimate condition… because headaches can interfere with having a good quality of life, frequent headache sufferers should see a health care provider for proper diagnosis and a treatment plan specific to their needs.”

Dec 21

Holiday Headache Triggers

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We all know that the Holidays are supposed to be full of cheer, however, the season can also be very stressful. For many migraine and headache sufferers, the season means a lot of triggers all at once. Here are 10 Common Holiday Triggers according to Fox News:

1. Alcohol- there are lots of seasonal celebrations going on and it is easy to over indulge. Remember to moderate your alcohol intake.

Dec 16

Migraines Are Not Typical Headaches

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Migraines are not typical headaches in that they are vascular in nature. This means that the blood vessels are dilating in the brain and that is what is causing the Migraine. Migraines start out as a low throb and increase in pressure and intensity as the day goes on. According to a Herald Times Reporter article, "the throbbing pain is thought to coincide with the swelling of the affected blood vessels and stretch of the nerves with each heartbeat." These throbbing blood vessels can be caused by the clenching or "bruxing" of your teeth while you sleep.

So what can be done to help these migraines? There are several "common cures" that many people find some relief from. According to wellsphere.com, ice is helpful to many. "Ice packs work really well for both tension headaches and migraines by reducing the blood flow into the head. Try putting an ice pack (or cold cloth) on the forehead and on the back of the neck to reduce blood flow and release muscular tension." A lot of other resources for migraine relief also note the use of ice as well as: cold showers, light exercise, relaxation techniques like yoga, and getting some much needed rest.

There is also the NTI-tss Plus™, a dental splint that is available by prescription from your dentist. It has been proven to reduce jaw clenching intensity by as much as 70%. In clinical trials reviewed by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine sufferers experienced a 77% reduction in migraine events. Find a dentist that can help you decide if the NTI is right for you.

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